The choice of the artists

The artistic line continuation from MarguttArt (Email:  answers to the criterion of the maximum freedom: chosen freedoms from imposition, freedom from theoretical restrictions.
The only tie that accepts the artists who expose on MarguttArte are that one of the fidelity to just the concept of the art. They in fact have often completed independent an artistic distance but consequent and also often being able to boast critical acknowledgments of remarkable importance, they decide of only introducing themselves with just the curriculum and an image, sure of the value that can have a judgment, meditated and lose interested, of the public.
For a sure delivery the work accurately will be packed so as to avoid damages during the transport, that it will be carried out exclusively through courier.

Reserved for artists

Marguttarte set itself the objective of quality and selects the artists who will be included in its Gallery
In the online form will insert, in addition to your personal information, the images of two representative works of your art and a variable-length text, which may contain your biography, a critical or presentation written.
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