Awards and participations:
2019 Mascalucia (CT): First prize of the "Cortile dei Gentili" painting competition;
2020 Rome: Second prize in the "OpenArt 2020" painting competition - Biblioteca Angelica;
2020 Berlin: Lacke un Farben Gallery - “Italians in Berlin”;
2020 Genova: Exhibition - modern and contemporary art market, Fiera di Genova, 14-17 February 2020;
2020 Milan: Fashion Week, “Arcadia Art gallery” exhibition, 16 - 26 February 2020;
 “L'arte in cucina 2020" Mondadori Editore.

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Domenico Risiglione

An interior space contains the dynamism of our emotions, which are expressed in their alternation through shapes, color and movement.

 In its realization we find the way to communicate and relate in a harmonious and balanced vision of reality.



Born in 1961 in San Pietro Clarenza (CT) he lives in Mascalucia, a town located on the slopes of the volcano Etna in the province of Catania (Sicily).

 He carries out the interior design activity with passion, specializing in the design and construction of furnishings and in the artistic interior decoration.

He dedicates himself to abstract expressionism, giving life to a painting full of authentic and personal inspirations, which has matured over time in a constant artistic and introspective research.

His images have a strong vitality, an extraordinary taste for colour  with spontaneous gestures.

 In the search for innovative solutions, one escapes from mathematical rigor to give space to beauty, primary and common need for every man, to make visible, in its various forms, all that is its expression.

<font color="#000000">  Dinamismo - tecnica mista/ acrilico su tela - cm 70x100 - quotazione € 2100    </font>