Way of buying
Examine the works in the section : Artists’ Gallery or among the special offers in the homepage. If you want to be contacted, you can put in the special comportment your phone number, your e-mail, your surname or your name or if you prefer a pen - name.
Our agent will contact you and will give you every artistic or commercial information.
If he will want to buy something, he will send an advance payment of 20 % of the work’s value. Immediately it will be sent the artist address, by phoning or by e-mail the engage himself whit the 

to mail by badge the chosen work to the communicated address in and not later than three working days. The work will be assured during the transport against damages and stealings.    
Safe buying
At this time the situation of electronic business is still fluid; so that from one side more frequent and competent news of an impeding development of this commercial detail are arriving. From the other side it’s impossible to ignore the diffidence with which the European and expecially the Italian public receives the request of entrusting its own banking notes. 
For this reason 

decides to adopt a way for buying less quick but because of that more safe : there is no risk of a sudden decision, you can go back on your own decision, when ever you want and more over it needs a direct  approach with the artist who takes again its own personal dimension in the negotiation.